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Grandparent Names

QUESTION 1: What name or names do you use to call your grandparents?  
(ex: Grandma, Nana, Granddad, Grandfather, etc.)

(Note: Some people have different spellings for the same name (ex: nanny, nanee) - those entries have been combined.)

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Most Popular Names for Grandmothers



Grandma (also: Gramma/Granmaw/Granma, etc) 323
Nana (also: Nanna/Nan, etc.) 126
Granny or Grammy (also: Grannie/Grammie, etc.) 89
Nanny (also: Nanee/Nannie/Nani) 43
Mamaw(also: Mammaw/Mawmaw/Mama) 26
Gram or Gran 22
Nonna/Nonni (also: Nona/Noni, etc.) 16
Oma/Omi 10
Mom-mom/Mommom 10

Some additional entries between 5 and 10 responses each: 
Meme/Mimi, Ma, Gamma, Lolo, Upama, Yaya, Grandmommie. Abuela, Wela, Mammy


Most Popular Names for Grandfathers



Grandpa (also: Grampa/Granpaw/Granpop/Granpapa) 221
Poppa (also: Papa) 80
Grandad/Granddad 48
Poppy/Popee 22
Pa 16
Opa/Ota 14
Gramps 13
Poppop 13
Nonna/Nonni (also: Nona/Noni, etc.) 16

Some additional entries between 5 and 10 responses each: 
Grand/Granda, Grampy, Grandfather, Pap, Upoo (Tamil), Abuelo

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