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Car Names

QUESTION 4: Do you or someone you know have a name for your car?  What is it and, if applicable, why was that name given?

This was probably our favorite question in this survey - the responses and reasons varied from person to person, but we were able to pick out a few common themes.  Below are our observations and some of the submissions we received.
When applicable, we have also included the respondent's explanation for their name choice.

How did we collect this information?  Visit our survey page to find out more!

Naming Trend #1: Naming a car due to its color. (This was the most common naming trend in our survey)

  • Baby Blue
  • Blue Bean
  • Blue bullet
  • Old Blue
  • Blueberry ("My sister's blue 1984 GMC truck")
  • The Smurf ("A tiny blue Toyota Corolla") 
  • Blue ("For our green Escort. My spouse is color indifferent")

  • Red Rover
  • Red Boy
  • Rosie (Namely-Yours note: we had several entries with this name. Usually used for a red truck)
  • Pepper ("It looked the color of a Dr. Pepper can")

  • The Pickle
  • Kermit 
  • The Green Goddess
  • Little Cucumber
  • The Jackolantern ("An orange van. The antenna on the roof is the stem")
  • Pumpkin-mobile  ("Because it was old and orange and very round")
  • The Great Pumpkin

  • "The Sunflower of Love" ("For my 1985 bright yellow sedan")
  • Goldie Locks ("It was an old gold farm truck")
  • Beryl the Yellow Peril
  • The Buttermilk Biscuit
  • Banana ("Light yellow 71 Volkswagen Squareback")

  • The Silver Beast
  • The Silver Bullet
  • Bernard ("because the car was big and brown")  (Hint: Think of a St. Bernard)
  • Steve Black ("because Steven is my boyfriend and the colour of my car is black")

Naming Trend # 2:  Using a male or female name (usually female) to name your car.  Either a random name is chosen or the automobile is named after a person they know.  Only a few people named the car after themselves.

The most popular name we received:
  • Betsy

Other names (with an explanation from the person who submitted the name): 

  • Veronica ("My 11 year old Ford Aerostar. She has always been classy and reliable. She seems to respond to loving care.")
  • Chadillac ("It's a Cadillac and the owner's name is Chad...pretty clever eh?"),
  • Natemobile ("The owner's name is Nate")
  • Englebert Humperdink ("1980 Lemans Safari Station Wagon (need I say more?)")
  • Buddy ("Because he is a good friend....takes me where I want to go")
  • Wilma ("Will my (Wilma) car start?")

Naming Trend # 3: Name your car for its physical appearance (other than color).  The letters which appear on the license plate also played a part in choosing some of these names.

  • The Fat Car ("Because our van is large")
  • Micro Machine ("The truck is very small")
  • War Wagon ("The name of '73 Dodge Ram Charger.")
  • Clown Car ("Its so small and we try fitting a lot of people in it.")
  • The Hearse ("black volvo station wagon")
  • Cliff ("The license plate begins with the letters CLF")
  • Maz ("Because they are the first 3 letters of my license plate")
  • Zippy ("License plate XPE")
  • Jibi ("License plate had JBI on it")
  • Fred ("The car is a Nova and it is a homage to the catch phrase 'Fred's fallen over' ('Fred's falleN Ova')"
  • Herbisha ("Female version of the car in the movie Herbie the Lovebug")
  • James ("For our GMC Jimmy and because it is fun to say "take us home, James")

Naming Trend # 4:
Creatively naming your car due to the car's make or model name.  

  • Non ("Its a shorter version for Neon")
  • The Oldsmellmobile  ("For our old Oldsmobile")
  • Tha' Cutdog ("For the '93 Cutlass")
  • Bonnie ("Because it is a Bonneville")
  • Rover ("For a Land Rover")
  • Monty ("My boyfriend's Monte Carlo")
  • Musty ("A '92 red mustang")
  • Rolla ("My mom's Toyota Corolla")
  • Thumper ("Named for a VW Rabbit") (A reference to the rabbit in Walt Disney's movie Bambi)
  • Charlotte("I have a Spyder convertible") (A literary reference to E.B. White's book Charlotte's Web)
  • Alexander Beetle ("VW beetle") (Another literary reference to a poem by A.A. Milne)
  • Jean Claude ("My friend's Grand called 'Jean Claude Grand Am'")  :)

Lots o' names:

  • "I owned a '91 Chevy Cavalier Station Wagon named "The Shaggin' Wagon" and later gave it to my young cousin who named it "The Ghetto Grocery Getter"."

Naming Trend # 5:
These names are usually chosen to reflect some of the unique and usually undesirable characteristics or behavior of their automobiles.

  • Crashy ("has been in several accidents")
  • The Ol' Putt Putt ("the muffler is broken so it makes lots of noise")
  • Jinx
  • Putt-Putt-Bang
  • Bump
  • Thumper ("1988 Nissan, started to make a progressively louder and faster thumping noise upon reaching 10 mph.")
  • The Roller Skate ("No shocks")
  • Oompa ("This car was on its last legs")

Combination entry:

  • Scooter ("This is our 98 Kia Sportage because it is the only car I have ever heard that the horn sounds like a little scooter horn.  We also have another car named 'Sissy' because Scooter needed a big sister")

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